Episode 32
Jiho 32 thinking
Raw Release Date Unknown
Translation Release Date 19 Jan 2015
Volume 01
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Sihwan has finished his bath walks into the room when he notices the gift pack with yukata that Baryu had bought for Sia lying in the room corner. He inquires of Baryu, who has been sulking, why he hasn't given it to Sia. Baryu can only answer that he is in a gloomy mood as Sia now has a boyfriend and he doesn't like it a bit.

What happened back then after Jiho asked out Sia was: she went on cloud 9 thinking that she could finally feed on chicken (touch him) without having to worry about fairy tail books or stuff.

Later Jiho recalls all the sms he wrote when Sia was gone and feels embarassed over it. Sia on the other hand, shares the news of her victory with Moran. She is happy that 'chicken' is now officially her boyfriend and she can touch him anytime she wants.

Sia does her regular modelling work and the manager, Miss Kim notices a change in her. She assumes Sia has got a boyfriend and gives some love advice. Just then Sia has a call from Jiho inviting her to meet for a walk. She eagerly meets up with him and tries to hold his hand. However, to Sia's shock, Jiho explains that it is his first time and they shouldn't hold hands just yet.

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