General Information
Race Vampire
Age 22

25 (3 years later)

Status Alive
Occupation Rockstar
Family Orphan
Debut Unknown
Character Status Supporting Character

Baryu (his nickname and stage name created by Sia Lee when they were little; his real name is Jinwoo) is a rockstar who is originally a vampire in human disguise. He is the main vocalist of the popular idol group, O'Rnij. Using his popularity as an idol, he takes the opportunity of touching fans to absorb their energy. Baryu is Sia and Sihwan's childhood friend. He is always seen accompanied by Sihwan who serves as his backup energy source. He is in love with Sia but doesn't want to confess at first. When he does, though, he appears to break down and show some of the feelings that he kept bottled up and hidden from Sia due to his fear of losing her. He gets rejected because Sia chooses Jiho over him, and he doesn't take it too well, but gets better after he took some time to heal.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

As one of the specialty of the vampire race, Baryu is quite beautiful and has special charm over the opposite gender. He is well-acquainted with Sia's family. He even has an obsession for Sia and her photo-shoots (collecting all photos ever since they were children). After finding Jiho as co-model in one of her photos, he seemed quite disturbed.

One of his main features is his ramen-like hair and childish personality, as he often so demonstrates with his other childhood friend, Sihwan. He so, tried to take advantage of Sia.

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